5 tips by Rahul Vengalil on optimizing ROI on social media marketing

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Optimizing ROI

Founder at WhatClicks, Rahul Vengalil shares insightful information gathered from his experience in the industry on 'Optimizing ROI on social media marketing'.

The five points listed by Rahul Vengalil, as he believes every brand, marketer and agency needs to keep in mind to generate optimum ROI on their social media initiatives.

1. Have a clear objective: Brands are often confused on whether social media as a channel should beused for awareness, acquisition or retention. The approach that 'I want to be on social media because my consumers are also on it’is a flawed one.

2. Depending on the objective, define your success metrics: Typically what most brands do in social media is that they just pump in content, but there is no back-tracking on how each of the content pieces has performed. You need to do minute tracking in order to understand which medium works best for you.

3. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each social media platform: There is often a lack of understanding as to what comes under the umbrella of social media. Often, the content remains the same across all the platforms. We need to have a clear approach and a strategy planned accordingly. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and what they can do for you. There is a lot of importance given to offline PR, but online PR is completely ignored, which should never be the case.

4. We need customized content for the different social media platforms: We generally have a single brushstroke which we use across platforms. However, we need to understand, that a consumer, when he is on Facebook has a specific need and when he goes on Twitter, is looking for something else. We need to understand the needs of the consumers and create content accordingly.

5. Create content and amplify it: We spend hours in creating content and fail to do justice to it, by not promoting it properly. We are always shy of investing in finding what kind of listening we have done.

"There is usually no objective set, which means your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are highly unclear for both agencies and your brand. This also means that when you are doing an activity, you may end up using the wrong platform,"Vengalil concluded.

Rahul Vengalil, Founder at What Clicks,shared his thoughts at #SMLiveorganised by Social Samosa.

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