Social media for publishers is more about content than marketing: Abhash Kumar

social media for publishers

Abhash Kumar shares his two cents on social media for publishers, giving tips from his own experiences.

“Social media for content publishers is more about content than the marketing. You need to decide on which platform you would want to be on. Facebook will generally be the biggest platform for any content publisher,” explained Abhash Kumar, Head, Marketing at FactorDaily.

Kumar pointed towards the need to have the audience on as many distributional channels as possible when thinking social media for publishers.

“Only 20% of the time should be spent in creating the content and 80% in marketing or distributing it,” Kumar shared.

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Also, apart from the usual social media platforms, one should look at other avenues like Quora. The reason being, for a Facebook or a Twitter post, the reach will generally go down in 24 hours, but these are the platforms, which will keep giving traffic for a very long period of time.

Video marketing needs to be a part of any successful content marketing strategy, be it for a publisher or any other brand. The easiest and the only way to break clutter is to produce high-quality content, which can be differentiated from others.

“It is 2017, you have to do paid ads, and can’t blame Facebook for limiting the organic reach of your content. Campaigns for the sake of only likes should be avoided; instead one should boost content pieces that are already performing well. It is the best way to inorganically increase likes on your page,” concluded Kumar.

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Abhash Kumar, Head, Marketing at FactorDaily shared his thoughts at #SMLive organized by Social Samosa on ‘Social Media for Content Publishers.’