9 Raksha Bandhan campaigns which question the stereotypes and will touch your heart 

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Raksha Bandhan Campaigns

Today is Raksha Bandhan, a festival which celebrates the beautiful bond that a brother and sister share. They are our best friends, partners in crime and our biggest confidante. As a traditional method, on this day, the sister ties a Rakhi on to her brother; the latter then promises to protect her all throughout his life and also gifts her with beautiful presents. Seeing an opportunity to place their products, brands every year have released Raksha Bandhan campaigns.

However, this year we are seeing brands trying to break the stereotypes through their narratives, and urging viewers to think that this festival is about tying a rakhi on someone who gives them protection- they can be your sister, friend, colleague or watchman. So why restrict the beauty of Raksha Bandhan to only brothers? It is quite a fresh approach which brands have taken, instead of pushing their respective products and jostling with each other, they are trying to redefine the flavor of the festival.

Like last year, brands have mainly used the digital platform to release their Rakhi-centric communications. Social Samosa takes a look at 9 Raksha Bandhan campaigns released this year!


Amazon India has extended their #DeliverTheLove campaign which was released last year. This year, it is the story of an elderly woman, preparing to meet her brother, who is going to come to her place for Raksha Bandhan. Her grandson fails to understand, that why does her brother every time get Jamun for her when there is Amazon and he can order anything from the site. She makes him realize the importance of meeting your sibling in person on special days like these through a sweet story. ‘Deliver The Love’ series of ads by Amazon, attempts to communicate that while, they can deliver anything a user wants, but nothing is more precious and memorable than meeting your sibling on Raksha Bandhan in person.


The 2-minute long film titled ‘Thank Your Sister’ which Micromax has released on account of Raksha Bandhan narrates the story of how a sister sacrifices so much for her brother without complaining and is always one of the strongest pillars in his life. The brand, therefore, urges the viewers to thank their savior this Rakhi, to call and text their sister on this special day. The film has garnered around 1.5 lakh views on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals, one of the largest flower and gifts retailer released a video to pay a tribute to the beautiful relationship of siblings. The 1:53 -minute long video shows a brother tying Rakhi to his sister, for all the little sacrifices which she has done throughout her life for everyone. Be it protecting her brothers from the wrath of their parents or persuading orthodox parents when her brother wanted to marry the girl of his choice. The film beautifully portrays the message that the festival is not about a sister tying Rakhi to her brother, but it is about tying Rakhi to someone, who gives protection.

The second film highlights that sometimes kids can teach us the true meaning of a festival. By showing a Hindu and a Muslim kid, the brand urges people to break all mind set blocks and to spread pure love on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Using the hashtag #CelebrateSiblingBond, the brand is extending the thought of their campaign on other social media channels.

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar urges people to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with everyone who looks out for us in their own little way. The brand explains this thought through a story showing how a watchman at a shopping mall helping a shopper. In just 26 seconds, the narrative manages to touch hearts.


Nykaa, India’s leading e-commerce market place for beauty and cosmetic products has recently released a digital video titled #Bondedbylove on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The 3-minute long film uploaded on the brand’s page highlights the message that this festival is about celebrating, everyone who protects us, be it our brothers, sisters, friends or colleagues.

The story is about a sister narrating how her sibling has been her support system all throughout her life, be it protecting her from bullies in school to giving her emotional backing when she needed it the most. In the end, it is revealed to the viewers, that she was talking about her sister, who will be home any moment for Raksha Bandhan.


Gits tells the viewers to show gratitude to their Bhaiyas- they may be your watchman, liftman, office boy on this Raksha Bandhan. It is about celebrating this day with the unsung heroes who act as our guardian angel. In the story, the protagonist is seeing gifting her special Bhaiyas ‘Gits Gulab Jamun’ on Raksha Bandhan.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance through a short video makes an attempt to break away from the stereotypes. In this, the sister does her bit by buying a policy, to help protect the home which her brother built painstakingly through his hard work.

Dukes Waffy

Dukes India, a biscuits and confectionery manufacturer on account of Raksha Bandhan made their Twitter debut for one of their popular brands Waffy recently.  They came up with a short video using the hashtag #SheIsMyBro, which highlighted the message that the festival is not just about brothers, but sisters too can be saviors, protectors, and guardian angels. Waffy has garnered only 157 followers on their Twitter account and conversations on its page revolve around the #SheIsMyBro contest which just got over.


GoAir on this auspicious occasion decides to pay a salute to the brave CRPF Jawans at the Jammu and Kashmir Valley who protect every flight that takes off and lands. GoAir’s cabin crew made sure these Jawans don’t miss home on this special day; they decided to surprise them, by tying Rakhis and reiterate the promise of Raksha Bandhan.

Did you come across any other interesting Raksha Bandhan campaigns this season? Do let us know in the comments section below, we will add it to this list.

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