[Campaign Face off] Cadbury #RealDosti V/S Big Bazaar #RealBaneRaho


With Friendship Day around the corner, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Big Bazaar released their respective campaigns using the same tonality and messaging with #RealDosti and #RealBaneRaho. Here’s a Campaign Face Off comparing the communication route taken by these Brands

Both the brands lay emphasis on the fact that in today’s day and age, we are so involved in our digital life that we hardly feel the need or urge to interact in ‘real’. As a result of this, relationships are getting artificial.

Both Cadbury and Big Bazaar urged viewers this Friendship Day, to keep aside their mobile phones and for a moment, stop thinking of about how many likes will their profile picture get or the number of friend requests pending on social accounts, instead concentrate on real friendships which exist around them.

Cadbury #RealDosti

Through the campaign, Cadbury urged viewers to set aside their phones and embrace real connections and real Dosti this Friendship Day. It shows a girl hooked on to her phone and she is busy replying to Friendship Day messages.

Her friend, whom she meets in college, gives her a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and makes her realize that it is actually great to meet friends in real. The campaign ends with the message ‘Is Friendship Day Cadbury Dairy Milk to Banti Hain’.

Big Bazaar #RealBaneRaho

Big Bazaar released a 2-minute-long film titled #RealBaneRaho which shows a dad who wants to stay connected with his daughters on social media. He urges his daughter to teach him how to add friends on Facebook so that he can send her a friend request. When the girl questions that there is no need for it, he gets hurt. His other daughter then, makes him realize that he is the only one, who has always taught them in life to be real, then why get virtual and lose touch now?

#RealDosti Vs #RealBaneRaho

Even though both the brands belong to different categories, their recent campaigns have used similar tonality and messaging on the occasion of Friendship Day. Both these brands talk about real friendship and urge viewers to take some time off their social media life and instead invest it in making real friendships.

The only difference lies in the story plot and strategy; Cadbury’s campaign is done with the intention of promoting their product and also connecting with today’s youth.

On the other hand, Big Bazaar takes a content marketing route and their campaign highlights a situation which is common in every house today- parents not being able to cope with the tremendous change in technology and losing touch with their children. Any kind of product placement or promotion is also not done in the video, as a result, the messaging stands out and the story is more relevant.

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s video garnered around 8 million+ views on the brand’s channels. The brand is also engaging on Facebook through creatives designed for Friendship Day.

Big Bazaar’s campaign, on the other hand, has clocked around 5 Million+ Views on YouTube and Facebook respectively. There is not much conversation on Twitter using Cadbury’s hashtag #RealDosti.

Big Bazaar started a contest using the hashtag #RealBaneRaho, and urged the audience to share a photo/selfie with their parents without using any filter.

Experts Take

Social Samosa asked Arnab Mitra of Liqvd Asia and Subhadeep Dawn from Contract India, to give their views on which campaign performs better.

Arnab MitraArnab Mitra, Managing Director, Liqvd Asia said, “I think there is no comparison because it’s evident that the purpose of both the communications is very different. While Cadbury focuses on a strong call to action, Big Bazaar just connects with a human emotion. Though the need for their association with the same emotion could be questioned like their loosely laid hashtag #RealBaneRaho.

Just by the quality of story-telling, the power of script and production, Big Bazaar wins more hearts than Cadbury. But then Cadbury is going tactical here is what I feel anyway.

However, Big Bazaar will have to be happy with some social media chatter that’s all. Both of them are more like commercials than potent content that makes either of them remarkable.”

Subhadeep Dawn

Echoing similar views, Subhadeep Dawn, Creative Group Head, Contract India, said, “Yes both the campaigns use the same tonality, but for me, Big Bazaar stands out in terms of their conceptualization and idea. Big Bazaar’s idea of real friendship is more relevant than sharing a Cadbury and being friends.


To conclude, both the campaigns are not great in terms of execution, but talking about the storyline, Big Bazaar’s #RealBaneRaho stands out. Coming closer to Friendship Day, all eyes will be on Cadbury’s social media page, to check if they can come out with any interesting follow-up strategy, like last year’s Madfie which created a huge buzz.

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