The Internet is going crazy over Manforce Achaari condoms!

Manforce achaari

Gone are the days, when condoms and sex used to be a hush-hush word and it invited unwanted gaze when you uttered them in front of people. Realising this change in behaviour, brands have also come out in the open. They have understood that today the youth is not bothered about taboos and is open to experiment. As a result of this, brands are not only coming up with bold advertisements but also launching exciting products.

Indian Social Media users seem to be having a ball after the launch of Manforce Achaari – pickle flavour condoms. The company announced on Facebook, their latest product into the market, describing it as ‘tangy & tantalising’ experience.

Manforce Achaari

The post has already been shared more than 1900 times on Facebook. The brand is very actively engaging with users through witty comments and is surely doing a commendable job with it.

Manforce Achaari

Most of the condom brands are trying to use Gimmicks these days. Last year, Durex had announced ‘Baingan or egg-plant’ flavour condom and social media users had gone berserk over it. This year, there was a lot of curiosity when Ranveer Singh appeared in teaser campaigns talking about Durex Jeans. People were made to believe, that the brand is getting into jeans. Later, it was revealed to the viewers that the brand launched a new condom called ‘Durex Jeans’ for the denim generation.

Below is a conversation on how people are reacting on social media ever since the announcement of Manforce Achaari flavoured condoms.

Manforce Achaari

Manforce Achaari

 In 2015, Manforce was in the news, after one of the politicians demanded a ban on the ad with Sunny Leone, because it was ‘not preventing AIDS, but was promoting rape’. There was also the news that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting was mulling over the idea of restricting the condom ad timings and keep it for the adult viewing slot (11pm-5pm). The reason being, the body received complaints from all over the country from parents and moral policing groups that these ads are spoiling their kids and are promoting free sex in the country. In such a scenario, it is quite a task for brands to venture out and experiment in this space.

This new Manforce Achaari flavour will surely pull consumers initially, considering, the Indian palate, which is always fond of having achaar and spicy food, but whether it will, in the long run, translate into sales, is something which needs to be seen.

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