Mumbai Rains: #RainHosts to the rescue

#RainHosts - #MumbaiRains

29th August 2017 now finds great significance in the history of Mumbai, as the city that never sleeps recorded one of the heaviest rains since the dreaded floods in 2005.

The Day packed with usual hustle bustle on the streets of Mumbai with the auspicious occasion of Visarjan took a worse turn with heavy rains devastating all means of a commute for Mumbaikars.

As they say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The challenging situation brought out the best spirit of Mumbai with folks extending selfless gestures of help for people who are stuck and stranded in different corners of the city. While the authorities are leaving no stone unturned to help the citizens, it is the resilience and resolve of affluent Twitteratis and Social Media Denizens which is adding incremental power to the efforts of ensuring peace and safety for long distance commuters.

#Rainhosts is an initiative started on Twitter to mobilize help and shelter to those who are stranded in certain areas within the city.

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Mumbai Police is also endorsing and applauding the gesture from responsible Mumbaikars

#RainHosts - Mumbai Police

Mehul has taken the plunge to collate all the tweets in a handy spreadsheet and a website for quick turnaround time. You just have to tweet with #RainHosts and Location and the tweet gets added to the list.

#RainHosts - Mehul Ved #RainHosts - Mehul Ved

Gurudwaras, Temples, and Masjid are resorting to #Rainhosts too

#RainHosts #RainHosts #RainHosts

We urge the ones who are home to help friends and folks within your network in finding a place to crash in with #Rainhosts

Tweet to us @Social_Samosa if you need any help in finding a shelter or follow these Twitter accounts if you are stuck in #MumbaiRains.