Vodafone extends #LookUp Movement to Friendship Day


This Friendship Day, telecom operator Vodafone has released their new commercial, which is an extension of the brand’s #LookUp movement.

It has highlighted the insight that youngsters today are obsessed with their smart phones and are getting dependent on their devices. As a result, most people today, choose to look into their phones, even when they have company and are with friends. A recent study by Kantar, IMRB, and MMA on the feature phone usage in India indicated that people in India spend about 3 hours a day on the phone.

The brand, therefore, urges the viewers to leave their mobile phones and to #LookUp.

The campaign is conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather. The concept of the film is being appreciated, but there are not many conversations around the hashtag #LookUp.

The LookUp movement was first introduced around Valentine’s Day and the momentum was continued on Father’s Day as well.

“Relationships have moved from being warm and personal to being online and distant. While one can argue that the internet brings the world together, it also is making people grow more apart. As a brand which is a partner to one’s relationships, we wanted to take a relevant stand against Phubbing and ask the youth to indulge in real conversations with each other”, said, Hirol Gandhi, EVP Ogilvy India.

“In our Friendship Day film, we chose to showcase the youth and their relationship with the internet and social media, and how they are today sub consciously choosing to ignore the connections that can be made offline while enhancing their connections online. It really is a representation of a lot of us,” shared Kiran Anthony, ECD Ogilvy India.

Siddharth Banerjee, EVP – Marketing, Vodafone India from the brand pointed out, “The LookUp campaign has struck a chord among millions of Indians – with over 50 Million Video Views, 80,000 conversations, almost 260,000 people engaged & industry best Video View Completion rates, the #LookUp movement in only growing from strength to strength, and continues to inspire the Youth & grow brand love for Vodafone.”

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