Durex launched its chatbot, RexBot and we spoke to it!

Sarmistha Neogy
Sep 26, 2017 08:58 IST
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Durex launched a chatbot called RexBot for people to have conversations around sex, which is still considered a tabooed topic in India

Durex, from the house of Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc, is one of the most innovative players in the condom category and surely stands out not only in terms of their marketing, but also with their product offerings.

The brand has recently launched a chatbot called RexBot for people to have conversations around sex, which is still considered a tabooed topic in India. This is the first time, that a player in the condom category has launched a chatbot for their brand.

From getting Ranveer Singh as the first celebrity to endorse a condom brand on board, to launching a rap song #DoTheRex, to experimenting with flavours, like- eggplant to creating huge noise before the launch of Durex Jeans - the thinnest condoms for the denim and the Tinder generation, Durex has always been in the news and for the all the right reasons!

Social Samosa takes a look how RexBot functions and the social noise it has managed to create....

Social Chatter

Durex has created an independent Facebook page for RexBot which has over 7k likes so far. Ever since the launch of the chatbot, it has sent ripples across social media. The post on the brand's Facebook page has got more than 8 lakh views at the time of filing the story and with umpteen comments.

Hashtag #RexBot also trended on Twitter and created a lot of conversations.  The brand with the help of influencers has done a commendable job in promoting their new RexBot.

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How does it work?


You need to type Get started for the bot to kickstart.


If you choose for the Woman's world, Roxy will come and assist you. publive-image

Four options will be thrown open and in order to take the conversation ahead, you need to choose among- Body, Mind, The Act and Everything Else. 


You can type 'menu' at any point during the conversation and you will again have the two options in front of you:publive-image

If you choose the 'Man's world'...


Conversation is fun and engaging



By incorporating visuals, the conversations are informative as well as educative


According to a report on Business Standard,  Manforce leads the market with a 32 percent share, followed by Moods at 16-17 percent, Skore at 10 percent, Kohinoor at 7-8 percent and Durex at around 2-3 percent.

However, Durex surely stands out and is very popular with the youth because of their smart marketing strategy. It will be really interesting to see, what next is in the pipeline for the brand.

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