Got a message for PM Modi? Wakefit can convey it


You’ve heard of PM Modi at conferences; you’ve heard of PM Modi on country visits, you’ve heard of PM Modi visiting the Indian citizens; but have you heard of PM Modi taking a nice well-deserved nap?

As an ode to our Prime Minister, who strives day in and day out for the betterment of this nation, mattress brand, Wakefit, took it upon themselves to fix this with #OneIndiaOneWakefit. Bearing in mind the oneness of our vast motherland, Wakefit called out to Modi fans, giving them an opportunity to send in creative ideas on how to protect and enhance the oneness or unity of the country, to none other than the PM himself.   


Wakefit _ PM Modi


“We are a very unique country, with probably the widest spectrum of diversity to be found anywhere else in the world. The challenge we took up was to create the one single perfectly engineered mattress that would suit all Indians – and after months of research and customer follow-me-homes, we have been able to achieve that goal,” expressed Ankit Garg, co-founder & CEO, Wakefit.

As a part of the initiative, Wakefit will be collecting thousands of creative ideas from every nook and cranny of the country. Out of which, an esteemed panel of jury members will screen and find the 50 best messages, which will be sent to our PM along with their flagship mattress. The writers of the top three messages will also receive one mattress each as the winning prize.

India is a nation of intense unity in spite of tremendous diversities. Various cultures, various backgrounds, and various stories, all stringed together in one thread of unity! The brand beautifully brings out the connect that similarly, there is one perfectly engineered mattress for all Indian body types.

The brand has already garnered over 500 responses, with enthusiastic fans sharing creative ideas and messages with the PM.

“Just like we have engineered one mattress that suits all, India is a country that is home to more than a billion diverse lives – and this is the country that is being governed by our PM Shri Narendra Modi. It has been widely circulated that he is a hard working leader who barely gets any sleep. So we thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if we sent him this one mattress, along with our fellow citizens’ personal messages about how to continue to keep India as one and undivided?” Garg added.

Do you have any messages or ideas for the Prime Minister? You know what to do! Be a part of #OneIndiaOneWakefit and convey your best wishes here