How to drive 25000 traffic per day to your blog using Social Media

Shrinag H
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How to drive 25000 traffic per day to your blog using Social Media

Shrinag H of Metrosaga shares his two cents on driving traffic to blogs

Are you a writer? Do you have a story to tell or an experience to share? Do you think that you have a creative instinct to play with words? If your answer is yes then you have the potential to start your own blog. Well, you have drafted your first copy and have published it on your blog. What next? How to drive traffic to your blog? What is that X-factor you have put in your article that could influence your readers? Well, blogging is not a rocket science but it is not an easy walk too. So, here I’m to share my learnings and there will be only sharing.

I am not an expert but in the journey of two years, I have experienced and learnt few things which I would like to share with you. So, let’s get started. Before I jump into the topic of driving traffic to your blog, let me share some attributes you should have on your blog to make it go Big.

What to Write? How to Write? Whom to Write?

Writing is an art and any form of art has an observational significance to it. The things around you, the people around you, the instances you go through and the every creep and stem of life has a story to tell you. So, ‘what to write’ depends on your niche and your target audience but ‘how to write’ is a skill that you should teach to yourself. Are you a voracious reader? Are you a vivid learner? Then you must be a good writer too.


We have so many good writers around us however it is very unfortunate that not every good writer is a good marketer. What is this marketing is all about? Let’s not get into the shoes of Philip Kotler. Just remember this word ‘Target Audience’. For an instance, you go to a home of Vegetarians and sell Non – Vegetarian food. Does it make sense in any way? No. Give what your audience wants.

Identify your audience. Write for your audience. Promote your blog in the place where your audience is there. Keep the things simple. Simple is beautiful.

Digital Content and a Paranoia of Virality

In 2017, content is no more a fiction. It has taken a route of values, and emotions. This is a chaotic world and the attention span has become relatively lower than you could have imagined. People have come far away from your SALE SALE BOOK

NOW BOOK NOW kind of campaigns.

Relatable content, shareworthy content with a minimum brand exposure should be the attributes of your conversation. In the world of Instagram and Snapchat, how you manage your distribution strategy is the key. They say that story telling beats production value and it is so true. You need not have to depend on DSLRs to tell a great story.

Today, the word ‘Viral’ has become lenient and abusive. Who are you to create a Viral content? You should be capable of creating a content that is shareworthy and if all your distribution strategy hit the right notes then Boom. Viral is not a happy incident.

Always experiment, fail, experiment, fail and in the loop, you succeed. Do 10 experiments and 2 will succeed and this is how it works. Lastly, you should come out of a paranoia that English is the language of your content. Think regional. Develop a skill of story-telling. Learn from the masters. Try to replicate it and in the process, you will crack something. Once you have your content ready, do not hesitate to get it shared from your peers. The initial momentum is much needed to give that push to your content.

How to drive traffic from Social Media

Social media is a boon for every blogger. Today, we have so many social media channels that we fall short of time to manage all the accounts. In my experience, Facebook is the easiest way to reach the masses, just that you should know the social media marketing skills. So, how to do it? Well, it is not an expert opinion. It is just what I have tried.

Publish your blog and do these activities
  1. Share it on your FB Page, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Reddit, and Linkedin.
  2. Answer 5 related Quora answers and give a link to your article.
  3. Explore Goodreads, medium, and apsense.
  4. Do Social Bookmarking

Just a 30-minute activity. I recommend you to follow these activities for every blog you publish. Later on, do something that can give you an instant traffic.

  1. Identify the related FB groups and post your blog article there. (This is my primary source of traffic)

PS: Do not spam.

  1. Share your blog in the related Google+ groups and Linkedin groups.
  2. Contact the related social media page with more than 1 lakh followers and ask them to share your article. ( Contact 50, 1 will agree)

( I had written an article on ‘ Military Hotels of Bengaluru’ and a popular Bangalore page has shared it. )

* If you are sharing something that people are not aware of or anything that has a viral content then 25000 traffic is just a number.

Here is the snapshot of Instant article analytics.


* Go for FB instant articles. It has a quick loading speed and people would love to open instant articles more.

* Keep your On Page and Off page SEO right to rank your articles on Google.

So, these were my thoughts on blogging, writing, and digital marketing.


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