Akshay kumar cooks for soldiers in Fortune Oil’s latest TVC

Ghar Ka Khana Ghar Ka Khana Hota Hai

Actor Akshay kumar has appeared in the latest commercial for Fortune Foods titled Ghar Ka Khana Ghar Ka Khana Hota Hai

In the two minute video titled, Ghar Ka Khana Ghar Ka Khana Hota Hai – Akshay Kumar is seen interacting with the soldiers and asking them, what is it that they miss the most. On getting to know that how badly they miss home-cooked food, kumar cooks them delectable dishes with Fortune Oil. It ends with the message that ‘There’s nothing like home cooked food’.

The campaign manages to leverage Akshay Kumar’s culinary background well, making the celebrity endorsement fit in naturally.

In 2014, Fortune Oil’s ad highlighted the brand’s proposition that there is no joy greater than the joy of having home cooked food through the beautiful relationship between a persistent grandmother and her bed-ridden grandson. The emotional angle given to Fortune Oil became extremely popular and it touched the hearts of all the viewers.

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