[Case Study] HDFC Bank's Start Doing garners 310mn impressions

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One of India’s most popular and trusted financial institutions, HDFC Bank extended a helping hand towards their customers to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.


Positioning themselves as the enabler, and urging people to Start Doing and make their dreams come true with HDFC Bank’s financial loans, the brand employed an astute social media strategy to reach their audience.


HDFC Bank raised awareness around their financial loans service through YouTube and Facebook, with two campaign videos that show the protagonist fulfilling their dreams such as jewellery, a new car, new wristwatch and a family vacation.

The campaign video for Start Doing was then effectively targeted to HDFC Bank’s target audience of 25-40 years, further using new and innovative social media tools such as YouTube’s Vogon and Facebook’s Pocket TVC, both of which were used by a BFSI company in India for the first time.

YouTube’s Vogon, customizes the creative by weaving in the context of the video that viewer is about to view thereby generating awe and surprise for the viewer. For example, if a viewer is about to watch a Justin Bieber song, the ad they will see would be something like ‘Be an HDFC Bank Belieber! Start Doing with India’s No. 1 Bank’.

Facebook’s Pocket TVC,  again an industry first move by HDFC Bank for Start Doing, helped the brand reach their audience with a condensed message through 6 second videos, delivering the desired impact in the shortest amount of time.

HDFC Bank also reached the Tier 2 target audience, building on insight from social media platforms which showed that regional content resonated well with them. The campaign video for Start Doing was translated to multiple regional languages and promoted on social media.


The brand managed to generate an impressive 31crore impressions, and 2.9 crore views for their campaign video, helping HDFC Bank fulfil their core objectives of raising awareness about their financial loans service.

HDFC Bank’s pre and post campaign research and YouTube’s brand lift study indicated a significant lift in overall awareness levels, and helped the brand register an increase in business generated through their digital channels.

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