[Data] #IndigoAirlines received 1291 mentions as the manhandling video went viral

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Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines ended up on the wrong side of customer service and satisfaction on November 7th, ending up creating more than 23 mn Impressions with #IndigoAirlines. Quite the number given the negative sentiment around the brand.

Indigo Airlines

A video recorded by one of Indigo Airlines’ employees showed two others arguing and subsequently manhandling a senior passenger, tackling him to the ground. Indigo Airlines then went ahead to make things worse for themselves by firing the person who blew the whistle on this sad demonstration of poor customer service, turning social media against them immediately.

More than 13001 posts racked up under the Indigo Airlines hashtag, with more than 7K Twitter users joining in to criticize and denounce the airlines company for poorly handling the crisis.

Indigo Airlines

Twitter Influencers such as the Ravindra Jadeja Parody account, Jagrati Shukla and many others expressed a negative sentiment and received a high amount of Retweets.

India lead the way when it came to the volume of Tweets but the subject was also being discussed in North America, China, Australia and other countries.

Indigo Airlines

The overall sentiment around the Indigo Airlines fiasco continued to be neutral, with a small percentage of people being positive and negative. Seems like the brand dodged a social bullet.

Indigo AirlinesA sharp spike was observed in the number of mentions for Indigo Airlines on 7th November after the news went viral, with conversation gradually decreasing around the subject.

Indigo Airlines

These were the top keywords that accompanied the Indigo Airlines hashtag with words such as Shame, Passenger, Staff, TarmacTerrorTape being mentioned considerably.

Indigo Airlines

The top hashtags were #indigoairlines, #IndigoAirlines, #TarmacTerrorTape, #Indigo and a few other pertinent hashtags.

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