India's Favourite couple Asha-Bala of Vodafone are back!

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The Future is exciting

Vodafone is back with their latest ad which introduces the new brand positioning The Future is exciting. Ready? To take the communication ahead will be the brand's favourite couple Asha-Bala.

The multimedia marketing campaign will look at simple human stories of embracing technology through the eyes of recent common man.

This new positioning, part of Vodafone’s global rebranding exercise across 36 countries, is designed to underline Vodafone’s belief in new technologies and digital services playing a positive role in transforming society and enhancing individual quality of life in the years ahead.

The new visual identity will place greater emphasis on Vodafone’s iconic 'speech mark' logo - the biggest change to one of the most recognized symbols of Vodafone since the hallmark logo was created in 1998. The ‘speech mark’ will now appear as the central graphical focus overlaid on all marketing and marketing communications collateral. The logo will also appear in a new 2D design in place of a skeuomorphic 3D approach.

Speaking about the new brand identity, Sunil Sood, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer,Vodafone India, said,“India is entering a new exciting era - an era of digital, Convergence, Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Augmented Realities, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.The real and virtual worlds are converging at an unprecedented pace to create a bold new Future”Our new brand positioning emphasizes Vodafone's mission and purpose to help customers and communities adapt, navigate and prosper from the remarkable new trends reshaping the world.At Vodafone, we are excited about the possibilities ahead and are ready to enable our customers to conquer this new world.”

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