Zomato OOH Campaign stirs a social media storm

Saloni Surti
Nov 30, 2017 08:28 IST
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Zomato OOH Campaign

The recent Zomato OOH Campaign has managed to scandalize the industry once again. Sexist or not, the campaign is grabbing eye balls left, right, and center.

If it’s been two years and Zomato hasn’t come out with a tantalizing campaign, know that something is wrong! But, fortunately not this time, as the food order app went all out with their creative OOH campaign and managed to offend a whole lot of consumers. Already. Yes, Zomato OOH Campaign is the talk of the town.

Unless, you haven’t exited your house at all since the past two days, you must have seen the MC, BC, and other such quirky OOH ads from Zomato around you. In this case of course, MC means Mac n Cheese and BC is Butter Chicken. It was followed by a number of other pop culture references, including – Rajini Can’t, We Can, Don’t know how to say Bolognese? Oonchi hai building, lift teri bandh hai?

Funny mostly, but the MC, BC creative didn’t seem to go well as people across the city have taken to Twitter to express their discomfort around the sexist copy. Most flak is centred around the fact that as brand leaders, Zomato should have been more responsible by not normalizing such sexist abuses.

Expert Take

Industry experts too have hinted that Zomato crossed the fine line between creative and appalling, which puts the campaign in bad taste.

Having said that, there were a number of them who appreciated the creativity for what it was and moved on!

A competitive marketing strategy?

While the online food delivery industry in India, went up by 150 per cent in 2017, so did the number of players, increasing the competition. UberEats entered the Indian markets earlier this year. While Zomato crossed the 3 million monthly food orders mark this year, Swiggy too has been catching up fast with 100,000 orders every day. Another brand to have given tough competition to Zomato has been Foodpand, the brand with immense funding that has been baking on Shahrukh Khan’s popularity as a part of their marketing strategy.

With competitors quickly rising, Zomato has always followed the quirky route to stay relevant for the new age audience.  This isn’t the first time Zomato has managed to scandalise commoners and the industry alike. Quick flashback, in 2015, the app based company advertised on leading porn sites to leverage the obvious combination of good sex – good food.

Not to imply anything, but the brand has been looking out for Lawyers to hire in their legal team.

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