Swiggy’s planned strategy or desperate comeback?

Swiggy campaign

Is the recent Swiggy campaign a genuine attempt to up their marketing game or a desperate attempt to catch up with Zomato

Swiggy has released a series of ads through an outdoor campaign which is also seen as a paid push on Instagram. The adds follow close on the heels of quirky Zomato outdoor campaign that created a social media controversy. Not to mention the tone of the Swiggy ads, which is in the same vicinity as the witty Zomato campaign.

For the unacquainted, Zomato was in the news for their creatives which were of controversial nature and had to be pulled down, following a major social media backlash. Even though Zomato’s ads received criticism, few appreciated the brand for their smart copy, which was successful in creating a strong recall and helped Zomato become the talk of the tone.

The tonality of the Swiggy posts are witty and to the point, like- Broken heart, we will fix it,  Marathon Movie? Binge with us, Hangover?, Hang on, we will be there, Working late? So are we.

Is Swiggy genuinely attempting to up their outdoor marketing game with these creatives or if it is a desperate attempt to catch up with Zomato, we shall never know. In the meanwhile, the brand’s attempt with AIB through Lightening Fast Movies was much more solid than this.