Blue Apron's What Cooking Can Do tells five unique stories

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Jan 16, 2018 10:14 IST
What Cooking Can Do

Most of us, no matter how old we are, have or will eventually have our first day in the kitchen, when we perhaps need a quick meal fix after a long and exhausting day at work. These kitchen excursions need not be mundane says Blue Apron with their new digital campaign What Cooking Can Do, that covers five such special stories.

An ingredient and recipe kit service, Blue Apron collaborated with New York based agency, Droga5 to create What Cooking Can Do, a five special video series, a story for every day of the week where a Blue Apron cooking kit helps people delightfully surprise their loved ones with a home cooked meal.

What Cooking Can Do touches upon the fulfilling and therapeutic power of good food, prepared with love featuring new parents who manage to whip up a quick, wholesome meal; a teenage boy and his little sister make life easier for their single working mother; a 76 year old widower who ventures into the kitchen, perhaps for the first time in his life and two more short but impactful videos.

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Blue Apron and Droga5 have created one video for every weekday, namely Monday, Tuesday, and so on, upto Friday. The brand has broadcast these ads one by one on these specific days.

The videos are short, crisp and the stories too are unique and evoke a sense of affinity towards them no matter who the audience is. There is at least one story for everyone to relate to, whether it’s cooking for friends, a spouse, for their children, or parents, or preparing a quick scrumptious meal with your loved one for some romantic catching up.

From a creative standpoint, What Cooking Can Do has been made beautifully and the storytelling too is laudable.

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