Kores India’s 10 Minutes With Mumma Papa campaign delivers a strong message

10 Minutes With Mumma Papa

Kores India, a popular stationery manufacturer has released their new social experiment video titled 10 Minutes With Mumma Papa

The video conceptualized by What’s Your Problem and executed by Liqvd Asia is targeted towards parents who don’t manage to spend quality time with their children. The study further highlighted that even if sometimes their parents are physically present in the rooms with them, but emotional and mental connect is absent because the parents are completely absorbed in doing other activities like being on the mobile or on the laptop.

The video showed things from the eyes of kids and the experiment involved where the kids had to enact the role of their parents. The intention of the communication was to make parents realize the importance of 10 minutes of quality time over quantity time. The brand believes that this will help to strengthen the bond between parents and their children in the long run.

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According to reports,  Kores undertook a study roping in 5000 mothers within the age group of 24-44 years to understand how they spend time with their children. The results highlighted that while mothers spend hours with their children, but they are not quality time as they are engrossed in doing other activities as well. Young children with their superior cognitive function are affected by the absence of quality time.

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