How Pluck One popularized Stevia in the Indian market this Christmas

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Lets Make Santa Healthy


Pluck One

Stevia is a naturally occurring, organic sugar substitute, not a very popular product in India. Pluck One, manufacturers of Stevia based products intended to enhance the existing familiarity of the Indian consumer around the brand.


In order to generate brand awareness around Pluck One, and more importantly for Stevia, a healthier alternative to artificial and traditional sweeteners, a Christmas campaign was rolled out keeping in mind that festivities drive consumption of sweet products.


Rolling out the campaign during Christmas, Santa Claus was chosen as the carrier of the brand’s message as Pluck One devised Lets Make Santa Healthy.

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Creative illustrations communicating Santa’s health troubles were posted on social media, with an aim to rake in User Generated Content in the form of suggestions on how to make Santa, who was suffering from Diabetes, healthy again.

After audiences engaged with the posts, offering suggestions on how to help Santa, the brand eventually communicated Santa’s step by step recovery, cleverly plugging in the product as an alternative to sugar, raising consumer intrigue around it.

The series of creative illustrations for Lets Make Santa Healthy helped Pluck One engage with their existing audience and reach new people, increasing their follower numbers too.


Lets Make Santa Healthy helped Pluck One garner more than 602K Impressions, and Engagement of more than 42.1K.

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The campaign helped the brand reach new people, and grow their Facebook followers numbers to 2.1K, receiving more than 60 entries for the Lets Make Santa Healthy campaign.

Considering both the product and brand are new to the Indian market and consumer, the impact created by Pluck One with their Christmas campaign, followed up with similar efforts could help them carve a niche for themselves in India.

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