CEAT’s Things That Happen At Work takes a dig daily work situations

Things That Happen At Work

CEAT recently launched its new digital campaign, Things That Happen At Work that gives expression to the Indian organizational culture.

Creating a humorous twist on some of glaring issues in current workplaces, this campaign is designed to connect with a larger audience. Things That Happen At Work will be on popular social media channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter.

The digital advertising series is broken down into three videos of 25 to 35 seconds each, which has a satirical take on some common workplace issues like gender bias, cons of bureaucracy and lack of transparency.

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Milind Apte, SVP Human Resources at CEAT Tyres Limited said,“At CEAT, our constant endeavour is to stay relevant to all people who are part of our family. In order to do so, we engage in frequent conversations with them. These videos are based on insights from our employees, on what they like about working at CEAT. We believe it is a clear expression of our culture.”

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