Oxemberg's Make Your Move inspires to be the change!

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Make Your Move

Created for Oxemberg, the Make Your Move campaign by Tilt shift media LLP, the parent company of Lowfundwala Communications, will surely make you re-think of your achievements.

Make Your Move video Campaign, executed by Kashyap Swaroop and Harsh Desai,  have curated the Video Campaign with a centralized idea that if you know that something happening with you or around you isn't right and you can change it than "Make Your Move".

The campaign is all about how Life has a funny way of testing our patience when we feel we are in control of everything, the next second we have an opportunity either to continue on the same path or to challenge ourselves and make the desired move.

The campaign consists of three videos each narrating a story of different people who went against all odds to be they change they wished to see in the world.



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