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It was roughly 10 years ago that Seth Godin, considered to be the father of modern marketing, said, “Content Marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” and today, an astonishing 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C brands have adopted it.

The social media audience expects brands to dazzle, entertain and move them with storytelling, which explains why videos are quickly becoming the preferred form of content. Brands on both ends of the spectrum, B2B and B2C are allocating more resources to their content marketing efforts.

Brands such as Ola, TATA Tiago and many more have been famously associated with content creators such as AIB and TVF respectively, creating video content that not only went viral, but was critically acclaimed. More and more brands are producing content on their own, or are collaborating with content creators and this year, at least 18% of B2B brands claim they intend to build their audience with content marketing.

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These statistics and content marketing insights will help your brand create a robust content marketing strategy this year.

content marketing

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