Re-imagining TVCs for social media: Lessons from Idea's 4G campaign

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Idea's 4G campaign

While many brands continue to merely repost good TVCs on social media, Idea's 4G campaign makes a difference.

Throwback to Amir Khan starrer 3 Idiots, where Amir as Rancho performed a delivery of the dean’s grand-son. Despite not being a gynaecologist, Rancho managed to successfully do so, thanks to an intelligent and capable Dr. Pia (Kareena Kapoor) who guided Rancho on a video call.

One may comment, that everything is possible in reel-life and we don’t deny that either. However, in real life too, videos are playing a transformational role in people’s lives.  Whether you want to learn salsa or Yoga, there’s a tutorial video for everything. YouTube has found its place in people-speak, with almost 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every single day.

‘A video can change your life’, says Idea 4G too in its recent campaign. Idea has extended its long built positioning ‘An idea can change your life’ to ‘A video can change your life’.

From inspiring a man to impart computer literacy to children to motivating a woman to record a self-defence video, that inspires others to fearlessly go for a night-run, the narrative captures the chain-reaction of change led by videos. Watch the commercial here:


As opposed to merely sharing the same TVC on social media, which most brands do, Idea 4G focusses on creating thumb-stopping content that is optimized for audiences online, while also retaining the larger campaign thought.

Let’s take a look at what the brand is doing right and can be emulated:

Re-imagine TVC for SocialMedia

What differentiates great content marketers from good? They know that modern content, like modern consumers, should be platform agnostic.

Idea revamped its existing TVC for audiences on mobile, by turning the commercial into a variety of formats for the Facebook feed.

For instance, instead of uploading the entire commercial, the above post brings out only a part of the commercial, where a woman’s fearless night-run inspires another young man to create his first makeup tutorial video.

The post ends with a call-to-action, asking users “What does this video inspire you to do?”, thus attempting to start a dialogue.

This provides an opportunity for social listening and insight mining, that wouldn’t have been possible on television. One can gauge engagement on the posts to find out; which shots did the audience most resonate with.

This practice of slicing the TVC for social media platforms ensures engagement with every key shot, that the advertiser would like the audience to focus on. The audience may have otherwise missed these shots on television, as they zap between TV channels or are distracted by other activities.

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This exercise also keeps the conversation active, as the same TVC is posted in multiple variations on social media. When posted in a planned frequency, it leads to higher recall value and effectively drives home the positioning.

As per a report, to the average viewer, 60-second commercials feel long and drawn out. The effectiveness is lost at about the 45-second mark.

That’s when most people simply tune out, resulting in poor brand recall later. Converting the TVC into shorter formats for online audiences is a great way to quickly arrest one’s attention in times of plummeting attention spans, thus combatting the situation.

Brands have benefitted in the past as well, by re-imagining TVCs for social media. In a report by The Drum, Rafael Guida, head of Creative Shop for Southeast Asia at Facebook, says “By optimising its TV commercial for mobile, Toyota was able to achieve 26-point lift in ad recall, an 11-point lift in brand perception that Toyota is “stylish,” and awareness of its new features, all at 50% lower cost per lead compared to other platforms.”

Follow-up TVC with related content

Idea 4G’s page stuck to its campaign theme for over a month, on its social media platforms to ensure consistent and sustained engagement with the campaign thought.

On the lines of ‘A video can change your life’, it picked up insights from daily life, where videos led people to undertake action.

This post by Idea 4G shows how a video moves a man to adopt a stray dog. The voiceover in the post “Ek video.Ek idea.Aur Sab kuchbadalsaktahai” is sourced from the original TVC.

On similar lines, this post shows a man pledge to train for a marathon, as he was inspired by a video of wheelchair athletes.

Another post shows a newly-wed couple talk about feeding orphans, instead of hosting a wedding reception. In response to the couple’s video post, we see people getting inspired to celebrate their birthday at an orphanage and to sponsor a girl’s education.

The core campaign thought remains at the heart of the follow-up content and is an effective way to re-inforce the message in the minds of consumers.

Extend campaign positioning with user-generated content

After establishing the campaign thought, Idea 4G went a step ahead to engage with the audience. It ran a contest called #EkVideoEkIdea, where users had to share a video that inspired them. The first 100 participantswere awarded with Idea 4G kits, while some select winners received Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 10,000.

Screenshot of Winner Announcement:



The content around this contest garnered an engagement of approximately 14,651 including likes, comments and shares and recorded a cumulative of 24,57,000 video views.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the brand launched another contest, asking users to use the power of a video to express their love for their valentine and solicit a video response from their counterparts. The contest entitled lucky couples to win the title of the ‘Ultimate Valentine’s Duo’ and shopping vouchers worth INR 2,000.

To conclude, a brand can drive phenomenal success by differentiating between audiences on television and digital and creating content to suit their distinct behaviours – and Idea 4G did just that.

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