11 Indian traffic tweets that are too real and funny

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If you ever travelled by roads anywhere in India, there is this one thing that surely came to your mind - What IS Happening! Driving in India is an adventure sport that everyone participates in, but has no way to win it.

For even if you are a responsible driver or ride, there is always someone all set to through you off your game.

The only respite? These amazingly funny tweets about Indian traffic! Stuck at a signal, observing the mayhem and madness unfold, the best thing is to get on to Twitter and enjoy a few laughs.

1.Been there my friend! Been there..

With roads and places having accessibility reservations for physically challenged, Mumbai wins the award for Best City - Differently Abled Friendly.

 2.Oh Mona!

Good news is, Ahmedabad doesn’t have this issue as they have the best Road Transport Infrastructure, Heavy Vehicle Traffic Management and Emergency Services according to Maruti Suzuki Road Safety Index.

3.Patience? What is that?

I’m sure this isn’t the issue with Raipur, the city to have the best road safety, as stated by Maruti Suzuki Road Safety Index! Raipur dwellers feeling proud?

4. I am afraid this is true!

Hopefully, not the case in Delhi, as Maruti Suzuki Road Safety Index suggests that the capital state has the best road quality and connectivity.

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5. Dear Dilli Waalo

Delhi, it’s time take some lessons from Bangalore!

6. Self Drive cars in India. LOL

But, we are learning! For instance, Mumbai citizens show the maximum empathy towards differently able through provision of various facilities. Indeed city of dreams.

7. It surprisingly makes sense

But, you don’t need this rath in Chennai! Maruti Suzuki Road Safety Index suggests that this city is blessed with the best Motor Laws and Traffic Control ensuring traffic law enforcement & strict penalties for violations.

8. LOL

Finally a solution?

9. Only if it were actually as fun as Tetris

Not in Delhi. Big roads, remember?

10. On point...

You my friend need to shift to Ahmedabad, Chennai or Raipur as they have the best Road Transport, Motor Laws, Traffic control and Road safety respectively.

11. Pretty Much

Sometimes, it’s just unavoidable.

As funny as these jokes are, road safety is a pressing issue that needs to be taken seriously. And to create Happy Roads, Maruti Suzuki has introduced Road Safety Index evaluating 10 major Indian cities.

The index lauds each city for their qualities such as Ahmedabad has great emergency services and Indore boasts of cleanliness. With this note of positivity, Maruti Suzuki attempts to build a traffic-conducive nation by bringing together policy makers, city authorities, road safety experts and citizens on one common platform.

Let’s hope the authorities are taking note while we pledge to do our own bit towards happier, safer Indian roads. For more information about the Maruti Suzuki’s initiative and the Road Safety Index, Click Here.

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