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Agency Feature - Inkspire Media

Who are we?

Founded in 2016, Inkspire Media is a marketing agency based out of Mumbai. We specialize in creating new and exciting ways to connect with a brand’s customers online, offline or wherever they are. We are experts in designing campaigns to deliver a personalized customer experience. We can operate as a full-service agency or a strategic consultancy, depending on your business or organization needs. All you need to get started is a marketing budget and a willingness to change and grow your business.

Inkspire Media

What's in the name?

Inkspire is the amalgamation of 2 words – Inspire and Ink. The ink we refer to is the colours of creativity we want to spread across the globe with our work that is inspiring as well. Our logo represents a colourful globe, Inkspire being the axis of that globe.

What we do?

At Inkspire, we nurture growth. Here’s how we do it:

1)         Social Media Management

2)         Content Solution

3)         Branding & Designing

4)         Web Design & Development

5)         Media Planning

6)         Photography

7)         Ambassadorial Campaigns

8)         BTL Activations

9)         Event Promotions

10)       Video Production

We are still young and growing. We never say NO to new challenges and are more than thrilled to add more to our services when the opportunity arises.

Why we do it?

In this age of social media, we believe what you really need in order to grow is a perfect plan. We’re in love with this process of planning; oh and what good is a plan if not executed?  Every brand is different. Hence the requirements differ. Customization is an art and art is food of the soul to us. That is why we do what we do. We want to showcase to our clients how digital marketing can help their brand grow & its importance in a brand's journey.

How we evolve?

We draw inspiration from all around us. We follow and keep tabs of brands we look up to, enlist classic strategies, and brainstorm every now and then. We love to experiment with our team to come up with unusual ideas & take the challenge of executing them as well. Social Media is the pool we swim in, and it is the same one that keeps us updated.

Social responsibility in social media

Like everything, being social has its pros and cons. We are aware of this fact and make sure our activities are monitored closely on the web. As an agency, we focus on the pros to excel at what we do and ensure a positive and safe experience for the people we meet virtually via our brands.

Need of the hour

Digitalization is getting bigger with every second. We need to construct a safe environment for agencies that are growing with it. What do we mean by safe? Well, it means there needs to be a guidance or a sort of mechanism that stops practices of fraud, plagiarism of ideas and more. Only then, clients/brands will be fair.

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We learned the hard way

Since we are young, we made mistakes and we learned from them. Learning is a constant process. We realized trust is a part of the relationship but blind trust is harmful. Being small, cash flow is important in our business to have a smooth functioning within our company. We also learned how to distinguish from genuine clients to those who take proposals only to flee with your ideas. We’ve accepted it as a part of what we do and have a  more cautious and practical approach now.

Did we just share that?

There are so many. This one is the most relatable where you wake up to get a screenshot from the client saying why have you started the ad with a screenshot. When you open the image you see it is a preview of a suggested ad only for them.

They work with us

Like we mentioned, all brands are different and have different requirements, working with each one is a new experience unlike any other. From pizza joints to fashion brands, we have done it all! From corporates to SME's to startups, we are ready to work with anyone. We have international clientele as well. Here are some of our relations we cherish: Francesco’s Pizzeria, Kipling, Mahindra Agri, Saboro Health Food Café, Mindgrove, A Vanilla Bean, Foal, Anushka Khanna & more.

Industry as we foresee

The only thing constant in this industry is change! Every day there are apps that are coming up and social media platforms getting updates and new features. The only thing we expect is change in the way of how people connect. With VR coming in more strongly the virtual game is going to get even more real and we will have to get brands to fit in that space as well.

A day without Internet

The Internet, without a doubt, is by far one of the most path breaking inventions in the world. Without internet, our work would be hampered. Even most of our offline strategies have backing from the internet. But on the bright side, we’d get some time to look at the world around us without the help of screens.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes. We are always on the lookout for people who want to do inkspiring work.

For a comprehensive list of agencies, click here.

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