Deadpool 2 trailer ft David Beckham & Ryan Reynolds is a movie marketing Marvel

David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds

After his shocking yet spectacular tryst with unconventional movie marketing for his maiden Deadpool film, the team is back with sheer audacity bringing David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds together for the latest Deadpool 2 trailer.

A short, less-than-two-minute spot that begins in one of the world’s most popular athletes’ living room, it depicts David Beckham watching a scene from the previous Deadpool film where Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at his voice. An interesting sight for fans who were delighted beyond measure to watch two unlikely people come together in David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds, or his Deadpool avatar to be precise.

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The premise of the trailer is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool attempting to apologize to David Beckham for his joke about David’s voice. Cut to numerous references to current events including Italy and Netherlands’ football teams absence from the upcoming FIFA World Cup, presenting an apology sung by a Mariachi band in Spanish, and so on.

David Beckham too lands a few blows by refreshing Ryan’s memory about some of the infamously mediocre films from his past such as the oft-referenced Green Lantern film and more.

The precedent of offensive jokes, breaking the fourth wall and tongue-in-cheek humour is maintained, picking up the baton of cinema based mass hysteria on social media from Avengers Infinity War. Released by 20th Century Fox on May 10, 2018, the trailer is currently trending on #38 on YouTube 4 days after it was first released.

David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds continue to captivate the attention of worldwide audiences, racking up more than 15M views to date.

The franchise’s disruptive run continues not just in cinema’s but when it comes to their unconventional marketing approach that is uniquely self-aware and indifferent about it.

A similar partnership for Deadpool 2 with Devour Foods saw Ryan Reynolds ride a unicorn into a supermarket to pick up his favourite frozen grilled cheese sandwiches.