Global Father’s Day campaigns you must see today!

Father's Day campaigns

Becoming a father is a choice a man makes, one that changes his life forever. Fatherhood is an emotion well celebrated by not just kids but brands as well and is captured is some of the most beautiful Father’s Day campaigns.

A relationship built on sacrifices, fulfilling unspoken wishes and loving someone with all their might is bound to be a special one. A father, especially in a patriarchal setup, isn’t supposed to express his love explicitly. So, instead, he scolds the child to protect them, buys the best of things for them to ensure they don’t feel left out and goes out of his way to be around for the big days. An expression so layered is bound to open up creative opportunities for brands. One they must never fail to exploit! Here are a few of the best global Father’s Day campaigns we are in awe of!


Fathers are always a call away to the extent that you tend to take them for granted. Then one day, it hits you just how much you care about the fact their presence. Perhaps, you should #LetDadKnow!

Mormon Hub

A simple twist of being inclusive in terms of languages and the identities of people included in the campaign video can go a long way, as seen in the following one by Mormon Hub. Prompting people to write handwritten notes to #DeadDad was the cherry on the top!

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The Bangladesh arm of Samsung came up with a successful campaign for Father’s Day in 2015. They not only generated a good number of impressions online but also managed to connect with their customers in a beautiful way.


How would a kid describe their father? Would they say just the good things or throw in a few not-so-sweet adjectives in the mix? SoulPancake did this job of asking children to express their take on how they look at their fathers.


No matter what occasion, it is important to keep the brand’s identity in sync with the campaign. This beautiful tribute to fathers being #MyFirstHero for children across age groups definitely abides by this rule. After all, superheroes don’t age.

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Marks & Spencer

A father is not a title, but a verb is a beautiful lesson put forth by Marks & Spencer, prompting people to celebrate Father’s Day and #SpendItWell. The video highlights the many heartwarming moments shared by fathers and their children.


A child depends on his parents for all their needs and wants. What happens when they wish to gift their father something? How can a child with limited resources at their disposal come up with an idea to make their dad feel special? This Oreo Canada ad, a part of the Wonderfilled series, is likely to give you a clue!

Dove Men Care

No matter how inclusive a list of Father’s Day campaigns is, it is incomplete without this heartwarming video highlighting #ReadDadMoments.


Lastly, if you are looking for some advice to be a better dad, here’s something you should definitely see.

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