9 podcasts digital marketing professionals must listen to

marketing podcasts

Here, we list down nine marketing podcasts that brands and agencies need to follow on a regular basis. These will help you interact with your audiences better.

Podcasts are easy to listen to and follow. Just like you could be doing a variety of chores while listening to the radio or your favourite playlist, you could just tune into a podcast and let your brain do the work of learning subconsciously. Marketing can be tough, but not when you have expertise on the go to refer to. Here are nine marketing podcasts you absolutely must listen to, if you are someone who spends more time worrying about your brand’s consumers and audiences than choosing what to order for dinner at a restaurant.

Craft of Marketing

The Craft of Marketing podcasts range from content marketing and social media to SEO tips and implementing successful strategies. It is a goldmine of free audio content and interviews! One really good thing about the episodes is that each of them come with a detailed blog post, complete with infographics on the subject. Ultimately, you stand a chance to get a good overview of the subject, along with a bibliography that will help you research your way through and beyond. The shows are hosted by Seth Price.

The Science of Social Media

Available on iTunes as well as Soundcloud, The Science of Social Media takes the game point with its name itself. To do well in the constantly changing dynamic space of digital marketing, it becomes both easy and difficult to keep in sync with the new development. This is where this podcast jumps in with its 92 available audio files when we last checked. From how to use your personal brand as an asset to learning the art of online storytelling, this podcast is a must for social media professionals as well as enthusiasts.


Available on almost all podcast platforms, GaryVee is an audio experience with varied podcast channels, all with an aim to bring together different people to discuss their experiences and learn lessons from them. One of the most popular ones is #podSessions where Gary Vaynerchuk invites two to three people and discuss media and culture with them. You as a marketer and as a brand can definitely benefit from the stories and opinions in these podcasts.

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Marketing over Coffee

Who wouldn’t love to talk, learn, discuss and grow over a cup of coffee? Even if it’s a virtual concept, it is a good one indeed! Apart from your imagination of a fresh cup of brew, Marketing over Coffee will bring you tidbits from the intersection of marketing, sales and technology. You also stand a chance to get lessons in our marketing and community outreach go hand in hand. Hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, the episodes are well crafted, recorded every Wednesday at a coffee shop near Boston.

Confessions of a Marketer

If you are looking for a podcast to cover the various aspects of marketing, Confessions of a Marketer could be a great pick. With each episode shedding light to a different aspect to branding and marketing, this podcast is one that can make you market-wise. Also, the fact that they put up transcripts of each episode with the audio recording is like the cherry on top for those who love to read. The podcast is run by Mark Reed-Edwards, a marketer and content writer.


A team at The Guardian keeps a lookout for the new developments in the world of media. MediaGuardian is a podcast that is a part of this documentation. In each episode, they explore a new territory, presenting perspectives on what is happening in the worlds of traditional as well as new media. Now, if your brand involves a media product, listening to this podcast is a must. Even if it doesn’t, it is a good listen because ultimately you would be competing with media products, using media to your advantage.

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HBR Ideacast

Following the Harvard Business Review Ideacast on Soundcloud for their weekly podcast content is a good idea for the sheer variety of topics they cover! Right from leadership to collaboration and everything in between is covered in these audio recordings. While putting a brand on the market, it is important for the people responsible for it to understand both the internal and external environments they have to survive in. A brand with happy people on board has a greater chance to get make their consumers happy and earn profits.

The Indian Startup Show

Being an entrepreneur can be tough. It starts off with the will to make a difference but research and insights are really important to grow your business. The Indian Startup Show will help you understand the nuances of what worked for others — helping you to strategise your plans better. The podcast might not be specifically about marketing, but when has been marketing just been about the trade? Listen to the stories of how some of the best startups made it big in the space they targeted and learn from their mistakes. The shows are hosted by Neil Patel and friends.

Social Media Live

Brush up your knowledge about the digital world with Social Media Live podcasts. Most of the episodes deal with basic questions you are likely to have in mind when you are starting out with your brand in the online space. This podcast will help you shun away inhibitions and dive right into making the most of marketing in the online space. Can you really build a brand without understanding the basics of the easily available platforms you are to use for doing so at a feasible price? We don’t think so either.

Podcasts have proved to of great importance in the last few years, be it for entertaining or knowledge dissemination. These podcasts discuss benchmark practices by brands and trends that can further share the course of digital marketing. If you boast of a brand that have managed to create a conversation-worthy aura, nominate for Best Social Media Brands 2018; win The Sammie and claim the fame that is much deserved.

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