Infographic: 5 steps to understanding your TG for every content creator!

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understanding your audience

Knowing your target audience and what they want is perhaps one of the most crucial, and rudimentary components of devising a social media marketing strategy, but what does it take to understand your audience?

Understanding your audience entails significantly more research, information and observation than one might think necessary that goes beyond demographics. Imbibing the perfect blend of communicating your brand message in a way your audience wants to see it, where they want to see it and when they want to see, makes all the difference.

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Did you know that images on Twitter perform exceptionally well as compared to text? Tweets with images receive over 18% more clicks, 89% more Favourites and 150% more Retweets!

Now, your audience also responds positively to familiarity as just something as trivial as using a certain color can increase brand recognition among your audience by 80%.

This 5-Step Infographic offers you some crucial and basic, complex and pivotal information on understanding your audience to make the most of your resources, and reach the right people in the right manner.

understanding your audience

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