Snapchat personalizes Bitmojis with Weather and world effects

Sneha Yadav
Jun 25, 2018 05:18 IST
New Update

The year old Snap Map has a new update! The Weather and world effects feature will give personal bitmojis more customization as they shall now reflect your current climate and festivities or important days too.

Until now we were able to see where our friends are in real time and what are they up to through Snap Maps, but now with the new Weather and World effects you can actually get to know of the weather conditions, this time if its raining anywhere.

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As explained by, the first feature- Weather brings animated weather patterns to Snap Maps. The Weather effect reads the forecast for a location and adds an animated version of it above your Bitmoji at the location. The World Effects feature will change the map according to the day – for example, you might see confetti on your birthday or a holiday-themed map at Christmas or Easter. That's the Weather and world effects in short.

The popular snapping app boasts of 187 million daily active users while 300 million plus people are it’s monthly active users.

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