Campaign Face Off: Hershey’s India ft Ranveer Brar v/s Nutralite ft Sanjeev Kapoor

Meethe Bahane with Ranveer Brar

Social Samosa takes a look at which campaign performed better between Hershey’s Meethe Bahane with Ranveer Brar or Nutralite’s  collaboration with Sanjeev Kapoor adding twist to home cooked food.

Based on the insight of giving a twist to ghar ka khana,  Hershey’s India and Nutralite took the content route to reach out to newer audiences and reignite their brand image.

Hershey’s India presents Meethe Bahane with Ranveer Brar

Hershey India joined hands with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar to make everyday dishes interesting by using the Hershey’s range of products. The association kickstarts with the launch of a new Web Series, ‘Hershey’s Presents Meethe Bahane.

The web series is based on the the naughty ‘bahanas’ that kids come up with to wriggle out of their routine, everyday food. Parents, along with Chef Ranveer Brar, re-create lip-smacking food by adding a delicious twist using HERSHEY’s range of products.

Nutralite’s enables users to become  Sanjeev Kapoors sous chefs

Today, almost every household has a ‘YouTube Chef’ who relies on the video sharing website to whip up exciting dishes. Not just that, home chefs are creative in their kitchen and constantly whipping tasty recipes for their fussy customers (their Children). With this insight, Nutralite’s latest campaign turns the table on the usual recipe videos by introducing interactive videos by India’s favourite Master Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor inviting users to choose their ingredients and guide him on making the recipe.

The video has multiple ingredient options and different users could choose their own favourite ingredients and make a different version of their recipe in this interactive recipe video . The same video can produce different recipes depending on the choices made.

Stemming from the insight that kids can be fussy when it comes to eating healthy food, the recipe videos are created in a manner that helps the audience make healthy food, tasty!

Social Media Buzz


The social media communication of Hershey’s campaign is majorly constructed around how kids use bahanas (excuses) to get out of eating healthy albeit mundane food. To drive the message home, Hershey’s India introduced Monty a.k.a Ranveer Brar’s childhood self who tried every trick under the sun to get out of eating home cooked food.

Later on Brar went onto share his bachpan’s fond memories of adoring home cooked food and which items did he liked the most.

Simultaneously buzz around a few #MeetheBahane was created on Instagram where the brand’s followers engaged with Ranveer Brar narrating their excuses to avoid some home food and what should be the alternative to it.

An appropraite use of the hashtag #MeetheBahane was observed on the micro blogging site Twitter where people tweeted their bahanas to Brar and the brand and thanked the chef for adding a delicious twist to their regular food.

Hershey’s took the web-series route, releasing a new recipe every Friday. Also, Starting August, HERSHEY’S Syrups bottles to carry a recipe booklet containing Hershey’s recipes that you could create for your loved ones at home.


While Nutralite too leveraged all social media platforms, their approach was rather content heavy. The nature of the content was based on creating a healthier version of daily favourites.

It must be noted that while Hershey India’s videos with Ranveer Brar raked in millions of views, Kapoor’s innovative twists with Nutralite Mayo have managed to gain only hundreds of eyeballs on YouTube.

Minor activations  were seen on twitter too.

However, videos on Facebook witnessed much of a traction with millions of views as people kept on sharing and commenting on different recipes.

The videos have Chef Sanjeev Kapoor giving the audience different choices for ingredients and the Nutralite Mayo variant that they would like him to use in the recipe seeding in product usage. There are a few videos featuring Shilpa Shetty too.

Hershey’s v/s Nutralite

randal gomes

Randal Gomes, Creative Lead at MindShift Interactive – Insightful Digital Outreach – “The Nutralite video fails to stand out for me. How To videos have been mastered and moved on from a long while ago. To add to it, social media content demands engagement and I see none in this campaign. The usage of annotations is exciting and could have been leveraged throughout the video to keep the audience hooked on to watch it till the end and feel included. Sanjeev Kapoor has a large fan following and capitalising on that would have been beneficial to the campaign through a more integrated campaign. Honestly, I didn’t even hear about this campaign until you shared it.

Hershey‘s has capitalised on story telling and that’s the way to go when producing content. Keeping it light, easy and engaging ensures a user is glued until the end, and they’ve managed this well in the campaign. Ranveer Brar makes it young and quirky, appealing to millennial parents and kids alike, so more brownie points for that. ​Digital content production does not warrant one towards lowering the production quality and that’s the only downside I saw to the videos, along with a miss on being able to subtly highlight how it’s alright for kids to consume so much of the syrup in their meals.