Instagram's 'Ask Questions' feature make for easy recommendations

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Instagram Ask Questions

After testing the feature for at least a month, Instagram has finally rolled out ‘Ask Questions’ feature in its stories which is available only if you have the latest updated version of the app.

Revealing further details about the new feature in a blogpost, the company states that the new interactive questions sticker in Stories will let your friends submit questions for you to answer. It’s a fun new way to start conversations with your friends so you can get to know each other better.

How to use the stickers? Add a question sticker to your story by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video. Type out your prompt then place it wherever you’d like and share it to your story. When friends see the sticker, they can tap it to reply — and they can reply as many times as they want, right from the sticker.

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You can find your friends’ responses in your story’s viewers list. Tap any question they’ve asked to create a new story where you can answer it, and the question you’re answering will appear on your story for context. Though you’re able to see who submitted each response in your viewers list where it’s private, when you share that response in your story, your friend’s photo and username will not be shown.

Also it would be interesting to see how various brands and businesses make the most of this feature to derive recommendations for consumers in the form of feedback and work on it.

There are already yes/no polls and emoji sliders that can be used with questions. The questions sticker is available as part of Instagram version 52 on iOS and Android.

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