Facebook & Instagram to lock accounts of users under 13

facebook instagram

Instagram and its parent company Facebook are moderating accounts of those under 13 and attempt to lock those accounts on the platforms. Instagram and Facebook Age Policy are in for a change.

In a recent development, Facebook and Instagram will be revising it’s age policies and will proactively lock the accounts of users its moderators encounter for being potentially underage irrespective of what they are reported for.

Under an “operational” change to its policy for reviewers made this week will see them lock the accounts of any underage user they come across, even if they were reported for something else, such as objectionable content, or are otherwise discovered by reviewers, mentions Techcrunch.

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It also adds that for users to regain access they need to provide Facebook government-issued photo ID will require the users to provide proof that they’re over 13, such a government-issued photo ID, to regain access.