These painfully funny Monday memes are so accurate that it hurts a little!


You know how some people talk about #MondayMotivation? And how the majority of us don’t get those positive vibes at all because we want SLEEP? Yes, we understand. I don’t think anybody likes Mondays and for rightful reasons!

Weekends are like Nirvana. They bring you peace. Mondays are demons! They bring you more work and even more irritating clients! All of us –whether we’re from different companies, agency lives, or corporate ladders –have one thought in common. We all want an extra Sunday! Some feelings that are best described through Monday Memes.

Social Samosa brings you a list of some of the best Monday Memes that are too hilarious but sadly, too accurate. We hope they bring a smile on your face when you’re down with Monday Blues! Check them out

1. I haven’t slept enough yet!

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2. One client briefing time span = INFINITY.

3. *tries to smile* *cries*

4. Also, there are tons of campaigns to make viral!

Live from Grand Central it's.. Monday morning!

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5. Ugh! I’m not ready for you yet. Or ever.

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6. When you can’t cope with client demands.

7. Has the time stopped or is Monday deliberately torturing me?

8. When you’re too hungover to remember if the walls in your office were white or yellow.

9. And clients are still ranting about their campaigns!

10. *checks bank account* Yep, gotta go.

We know we’ve hit you right in the feels! Share this with your colleagues to get a similar reaction! Mondays should be BANNED to be honest!