Snapchat and Amazon reportedly come together for ‘Camera Search’

Snapchat Amazon

After Instagram made it possible for us to shop through its stories, Snapchat is reportedly teaming up with e-commerce major Amazon for a snap camera, a Visual Search Engine. The Snapchat Amazon partnership has a lot in store with Camera Search. 

In the latest update a new version of Snapchat for Android phones includes code for the new feature called ‘Visual Search’ that can use Snapchat’s camera to send images of a product or a barcode scan to Amazon, which then display search results thanks to a reported Snapchat Amazon partnership, according to TechCrunch.

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The report further stated that to use the feature, you’d snap a photo of an object, and then the app would pull up sellers of a product and reviews. You would then be able to copy the Amazon link, share, and send the info to friends.

While there has been no official announcement made by the popular photo-sharing app about the new feature, it has been in news for a similar partnership with Shazam earlier. So, don’t be surprised if you see Amazon listings on your Snapchat the next time you update the app.