It’s not the amount of bots in your life but the amount of life in bots: Vineet Singh, Digitas India

Social CRM hacks

In an engaging and lively session, Vineet Singh, Head- Delhi & CRM India at Digitas India shares doable Social CRM hacks.  

In this age of digital, engagement fostered by communication with customers through social networking platforms has been on the top of priority list. Putting the concept into very simple way of un-complicating things – Digitas’ Vinnet Singh likes to call Social CRM, the elder meaner stronger bigger brother traditional CRM.

“Its amazing to have that bird’s eye view when you are engaging, using social CRM, the amount of data that you have. Its optimum not just to create a brand story for yourself but it also has huge amount of inputs across the traditional CRM. And that’s what it is all about-it’s about engaging with your audience in real time not just for making them buy products but getting them to talk and love your product,” Singh added. 

He further shared that there are multiple Social CRM hacks that you can look at while talking about the concept. We need to understand what the customers’ needs are and their requirements and then go about creating a strategy for communicating with them. Excerpts below:

Bots phenomenon 

A lot of brands across the country as well as globally are using bots specifically to engage with consumers.

However, one of the things that we need to keep in mind – it’s not the amount of bots in your life but it’s the amount of life that you put in your bots.

You need to make sure that bots have some personality to themselves which resonates with your brand to engage very relevantly with clients and customers. 

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How to tackle cold e-mails on Linkedin 

Cold emails on LinkedIn work at all. It needs to be relevant communication combined with relevant TGs. Then you will be able to create a section that you have in mind and go out and talk about. Later creating a conversation on information that is catered to them which makes a lot more sense. You have to understand and listen before you start communicating.

Future of Social CRM

There is going to be a lot of AI powered workflow, innovative integrations happening, you  will see social CRM playing a more omnichannel kind of an approach and they will have and obviously there’s going to be in-hand mobility. The whole concept that we need to understand that social CRM is steadily going to become the fuel that will go out and run the engine of traditional CRM as well. It’s going to be bigger and meaner going forward as new technologies come in.

Dealing with negative comments in social CRM

One of the coolest things to do is embrace negative comments. If you don’t go out and let people know that you accept the negativity, they start judging you a lot more. Its very easy to say to your customers that ‘Hey, we haven’t done this rightly. We can service you a lot better,’. Zomato has aced this technique. They have received huge amount of flak at various times but how they embraced it and used it to their advantage is something which is extremely incredible.

Social CRM tips for start ups

Facebook is playing a huge role for startups and SMEs now. You need to clearly understand that there has to be an organised and well identified audience and figure out in ways will you communicate. Just two simple steps – Identify your TG and create a communication that they want to hear and be very direct with it.

Human vs Bots

Humans cannot be replaced is a fair point. However as AI is coming in you can totally go about creating a lot more intelligence for your bots. It’s never going to be humans being replace because that human touch is extremely important in creating any kind of experience for your customers.

Vineet Singh, Head- Delhi & CRM India at Digitas India was speaking at the live session of India’s first live conference SMLive 2018 about “Social CRM – Quick Hacks to Win Over Audience on Social Media”.