#WorldEmojiDay Top 8 Most used Tinder emojis

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Jul 17, 2018 07:58 IST
Tinder emojis

Tinder users are always looking for ways to express themselves creatively. For World Emoji Day (17/7), the dating app released a list of India’s top 8 most used emojis in profile bios. Curious about which ones made the cut? Here is the official Tinder emojis list in India for 2018, ranked.


Indian users seem to be using Tinder Emojis to communicate aspects of their personality, their interests and especially, their allegiance to pets and pizza! It appears users gravitate towards some emojis more than others for self-expression. Emojis for coffee, cars, pets and pizza that round off the top 5, could indicate user’s likes and dislikes, while also being suggestive of date ideas building off common interests.

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Dr. Sonali Gupta, a leading psychologist believes that the Emoji is a reflection of how language is evolving and the growth of visual communication in today's world. “Millennials prefer using emoticons, as it becomes a tool to add substance to their narratives and allows them to provide a context in communication. Emojis naturally bring about a certain comfort. It is no wonder that Emojis find their space even in a Tinder bio where they may become a simple reflection of today's visual culture, bringing ease and a starting point for conversations. This ease is often perceived positively as someone being approachable or friendly across context,” she says.

The Emoji of hands raised also seems to get high praise from Tinder users, as does the car. A show of hands for long drives?

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The Laughing Smiley slides into number one position and could be a great way to convey light-hearted banter and an affable personality through your bio. Various studies have shown a direct correlation between an individual’s humor and their intelligence quotient, and an emoji is a great cue to indicate a good sense of humor.

“Emojis are a fascinating aid in the context of providing nonverbal cues to any conversation that exists. When it comes to communicating an emotion, intention or even the seriousness of a matter at hand, Emojis work brilliantly. How the text is used intelligently with the Emoji can say a lot about the person and their personality too,” points out Sonali.

If you want to step up your Tinder bio game, communicate in the universal language that we all know and love. Pick your favorite emoji, add it to your bio and keep swiping!

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