Facebook experiments replacing ‘share’ with ‘message’ button


Facebook might soon replace the ‘share’ option in a post on the news feed to ‘message’ button. 

Considering the rise in the usage of private messaging apps, the Social Media giant, Facebook has decided to change the concept of public sharing to private sharing. The development will definitely decrease the number of public post shares and will allow users to share the news or post with their friends via DM (Direct Message) resulting in a dip of already less organic reach. 

Popular digital media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about Facebook’s experimentation with the share button. 

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Off lately, the trend of private sharing has increased significantly, considering the dangers of negatives of public sharing. With the reports supporting this trend with facts and figures, the broader trends at play, switching the emphasis on public sharing of Facebook posts to private messaging is logical – and Facebook’s data must show that more users are indeed sharing content via message, as opposed to sharing them publicly.

The replacement would likely make Facebook users’ timelines more sorted however an adverse effect would be seen on the organic reach of pages. The marketers will have to think of new innovative methods to engage with the audience and increase the organic reach of the content shared on the pages. Though this might also result in deeper engagement and turn out to be a medium of direct connection between brands and its audience.