Mahindra Group aims to change the meaning of #LadkiHaathSeNikalJayegi

mahindra rise Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi

Mahindra Group, along with Project Nanhi Kali, aims to dispel the misconceptions around girl child education, by taking on a fresh view of the phrase with the campaign Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi.

‘Apni Beti ko ghar se bahar mat bhejo, Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi’, is the phrase that every one of us has been familiar to and have heard several times in our families or outside our home sweet home. Mahindra Rise has taken upon itself to change the meaning of Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi and turn it on its head.

With the objective to demonstrate the opportunities that result from educating a girl child, the digital-only film went live across all digital channels of Mahindra Rise. A number of surround activities are planned, to spread the word and create a movement to support the cause.

Insight behind #LadkiHathSeNikalJayegi 

vivek nayerBefore releasing this film, the group had executed ‘But This Is Not Enough’ where it spoke about 5-6 areas where Mahindra does good work in the community. “Then we proceeded with thinking on what are the social issues that people are talking about in our country. So we used social media listing tools to listen to some millions of conversations that happened period of period of six months. And we found that girl child education was the topic most discussed and we have a special affinity towards it because Anand Mahindra started Nanhi Kali NGO about a couple of decades back,” said Vivek Nayer, Chief Marketing Officer, Group Corporate Brand, Mahindra Group

All the conversation with women, during research, highlighted the often spoken phrase –  Jyada Padhao Mat, Ladki Hath Se Nikal Jayegi. The phrase #LadkiHaathSeNikalJayegi clicked and the team said lets just change the meaning of this phrase. 

A semi-urban setting was chosen for the film to ensure relatability, given that these beliefs exist not just in rural India, but also in cities. It is through a conversation between a girl and her father that the prevalent mindset is challenged by providing a new perspective to ‘Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jaayegi’.

“It changes the meaning of this often-used phrase ‘Ladki Hath Se Nikal Jaayegi’ and instead uses it to make a case for putting her destiny back into her own hands,” said Robby Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Interface.


The objective of the campaign is to increase awareness and encourage more and more people to join the movement. The company is targeting people who are interested in social causes, affinity towards girl child education, who want to drive change and be a part of it. “We want to be smart with our targeting and therefore at scale. So we are targeting them through social media,” Nayer added. 

Differentiating Factor

Mahindra Group has been committed to  various causes and have been using them as a part of their communication strategy. To name a few initiatives, in March they conceptualised #ButThisIsNotEnough where the brand talked about coming in unison and bring a change together as a community.

Also, the company has been encouraging consumers to engage in various community building activities and rise up for good.

There are many brands taking up the social route and adopting cause marketing to strike a chord with their consumers. How is Mahindra standing out of it?  To this Nayer replied, “How we are differentiating ourselves is by saying what we are doing is not enough, we want you and others to join us because only then change will happen. We are appealing to people to spread this movement and turn it on its head. We want people to act.”

Social Media buzz

The company, to build a conversation on social media platforms around the topic, went onto weave stories of famous women achievers in various fields including sports, astronomy, governance etc. generating accolades for taking up the initiative.

Audience reaction

The video on Facebook has raked in 7.5 million views, 53k shares and 161k reactions with 2.1k people commenting on it, while on Youtube it garnered 6.2 million views.


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Digital in India has taken off in last 5-7 years in a big way. The penetration curve of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn has been amazing. So if our consumers are on digital and social media, brands have to follow them, nayer explains 

Secondly, when you want to so smart targeting, either using demographics or psychographics as a parameter, social media today allows you to do that. “Even for this current campaign, we are only targeting people who are interested in making a change. Whereas traditional media will not allow me to do that where there will be a lot of wastage. Digital is a very cost-effective medium and the wastage is minimum,” nayer

Girl child education has been one of the most talked about topics in India since ages and it’s hard to swallow the truth that there are still areas where girls are held back and told #LadkiHaathSeNikalJaayegi. While there have been many such initiatives earlier and ongoing events to fight the thought and change the game, it’s to see how Mahindra actually contributes in turning heads up for this cause.

Meanwhile, the company promises to come up with meaningful films and campaigns to change the society for better in the coming years.