Snapchat introduces new speech recognition filters


After rolling out branded AR filters, Snapchat has now launched news lens filters that will respond to a snapchatter’s voice. Enter – Snapchat speech recognition filter.

In an attempt to up the level of interactivity and keep the users engaged, Snapchat has been adding new filters to its lenses for quite sometime now. According to Techtimes, among the new Snapchat speech recognition filter there are ones that will ask users to say “Hi” or “Love” or “Wow,” after which they will trigger certain animations. Another lens displays a little cat paw gesturing the okay symbol when the user says, “Okay.” There’s also one that automatically launches a zooming effect when the user says, “Yes.

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These are the very first lenses by the photo sharing app that recognize speech and respond accordingly. Snapchat currently boasts of 191 million daily active users. It will be interesting to see how Snapchat speech recognition filter helps the app take on arch rival, Instagram which has been flourishing since launch.