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It is never a quiet week in the realm of social media platforms as the tectonic plates keep shifting with new features, products, tests, and other news coming in every day. Here is our weekly roundup of social media news and activity from the industry.

Social Samosa is your gateway to keeping up with the hottest social media news and updates, proceedings and trends from the digital marketing industry, brand campaigns and more. This week’s social media news was dominated by the introduction of new features, filters and updates on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

Check out all the other important social media news and updates that surfaced online this week.

Facebook removes Friend Lists feed, to ban financially endangered posts

Facebook has notified it’s users on the app that it is shutting down the Facebook Friends List Feed option that will prove to be financially endangering people on the platform. Read more about it here.

Facebook launches multiplayer video chat AR games

Facebook announced the launch of multiplayer video chat AR games. You can play with up to six people at a time, making the gaming experience much more interactive and social. Read more about it here.

Snapchat quarterly report

Numbers suggest in the Snapchat quarterly report that Snapchat’s Daily Active Users fell to 188 million and reported monthly active users at 100 million. The results come roughly after six months of the redesign. Read more about it here.

New LinkedIn Experience Design

Your profile is viewed up to 29 times more if you have more than one position listed in the experience section. That being said, one of the number one requests LinkedIn received when it comes to helping members tell their personal stories is to create a better way to highlight past experiences and show career movement across each role. Read more about it here.

Modi-led govt on a lookout for options to block Facebook, WhatsApp during crisis

In an attempt to curb fake news and child pornography, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has asked inputs from various telecom providers to suggest ways in which social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram can be blocked in case of an emergency. Read more about it here.

Facebook starts testing ‘Facebook Dating app’ internally

The social media giant had announced about its plans to roll out the new dating app two months ago and has now confirmed about experimenting the development internally. Once the feature is rolled out you will have to build a different profile specifying your age, gender, location along with other personal data. Read more about it here.

Facebook experiments replacing ‘share’ with ‘message’ button

Facebook might soon replace the ‘share’ option in a post on the news feed to ‘message’ button. Considering the rise in the usage of private messaging apps, the Social Media giant has decided to change the concept of public sharing to private sharing. Read more about it here.

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