Campaign Face Off: Levi's #IShapeMyWorld v/s FabAlley's #FabFitsAll

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Campaign Face Off: Levi's #IShapeMyWorld v/s FabAlley's #FabFitsAll

While FabAlley is an upcoming brand that recently dabbled in digital marketing with #FabFitsAll, Levi's released the fourth season of #IShapeMyWorld. Experts share their views on which campaign hit the sweet spot.

India celebrated Daughter’s Day on September 23 and we saw a zillion of parents sharing how stronger and braver their daughters have become with each passing day and they cannot be prouder. Levi’s and FabAlley, demonstrated the thought process that they don't require any specific day to celebrate the power of women. While FabAlley crafted a fresh new video, Levi’s released the fourth edition of its successful #IShapeMyWorld campaign.

Levi’s Women Changemakers

Taking the shape of a movement that unites diverse women - inspiring them with powerful stories of unstoppable women who have shaped their world on their terms to inspire change, Levi’s #IShapeMyWorld Women Changemakers campaign showcases narratives of Arjuna Awardee Jwala Gutta, Bollywood singer Aditi Singh Sharma and more.

#IShapeMyWorld is driven by the insight that in a world that still tries to restrain women from achieving their potential by fueling insecurities about themselves; whether it is about her ‘body’ or her ‘being’, there is an increasing number of stories of women who took their chances and beat the odds.


Levi’s objective is to drive compelling stories crafting a narrative that celebrates ‘her’ choices that ultimately shape her world, in the spirit of authenticity, originality, and purposefulness that is inherent to Levi’s brand.

FabAlley’s #FabFitsAll

FabAlley weaved #FabFitsAll to champion inclusivity in fashion and embracing body positivity. The digital campaign features fashion influencers proclaiming the bold message of believing in being just Fab, irrespective of one’s size, shape, height or weight.

The brand partnered with five influencers - Spardha Malik, Sakshi Sindwani, Monalisha Mahapatra, Sonam Kanotra and Prachi Kapoor who are proclaiming the brand’s DNA, loud and proud. 

Social Media Buzz

While the anthem video has raked in almost 800 views on YouTube, Levi's went all out to promote different videos on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The brand also urged its consumers to share their stories using the hashtag #IShapeMyWorld which has a potential reach of about 3 million users on Twitter.

It must be noted that individual videos on YouTube featuring the divas have garnered more than one million views.

Previously, celebrities like Radhika Apte, Shakti Mohan and Swara Bhaskar have also been a part of the series.

Since the last season, Levi’s has gone a step further by taking this campaign on ground with a Live session. The Live session will see two of these inspiring women in an intimate conversation with a curated set of audience adding on to these power-packed stories. 

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FabAlley kickstarted the buzz by dropping a teaser video for its Breaking Down Barriers #FabFitsAll campaign.

Instagram, on the hand, had a different tale to tell with FabAlley's account constantly reverberating vibrant energy through its posts featuring the ladies.

From Serene Williams to Emma Watson, #FabFitsAll has been gaining attention globally and impressively with the brand crafting creatives based on their quotes on the subject.

FabAlley's Facebook account can be seen echoing some similar thoughts.

While both brands did their bit to take their ideologies to a wider audience using different platforms, we get experts to talk on which campaign stood out for them and why?

Expert Take:

Mr. Nikhil Agarwal, Co-founder, BrandwittyNikhil Agarwal, Co-founder, Brandwitty

Levi's vs Faballey! Sounds tricky to even compare a brand with an upcoming brand. While talking about them leading with the same genre “strong women" of the society & "breaking barriers" my vote goes to Faballey! No doubt Levis has made fashion suitable to break the barriers but Faballey has truly focused on how the barriers can be broken. It’s not about brands it's about something else that comes from within you & that's what Faballey has tried to implement the “boldness" of “any women”. #FabFitsAll is new #tag while #IShapeMyWorld was launched in 2017 which is why Levi's have received more engagement & reach. Also, Levis being an old brand having 1L+ subscriber base over YouTube they are able to communicate the message to the larger audience.

Porus JosePorus Jose, Creative Head, IdeateLabs  

Undoubtedly, Levis' campaign stands out in comparison to FabAlley. The brand takes powerful stories and weaves the struggles of multiple successful women (who we can arguably call role models for today's generation) and how they persevere in the pursuit of their dreams. Against that, FabAlley's ad simply caters to fashion aspirations of women

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