Durga Puja Campaigns that lit the socialverse in 2018

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Durga Puja campaigns

Social Samosa gapes through brands & labels roistering Durga Puja by enfolding their campaigns around the vision of creativity, ceremonial splendor and the majestic loft that it represents.

Durga Puja symbolizes the victory of goddess Durga over the shape-shifting buffalo demon, Mahishasura. The festival, along with representing the victory of good over evil also depicts knowledge, music, poetry, creative decorations and customary fashion which is used by these brands that utilize the aspect relevant to their brand to target their demographic.

From using artworks to creating situations relatable to the times that surround this quintessential fiesta, to seamlessly maneuvering their audience to own the products they offer, these brands have done it all in their Durga Puja campaigns.

SBI Life

What's better than portraying the goddess with the sand, from where it all began, while using skills that are as amusing as the goddess herself. Moreover the second campaign depicts the plight of visually impaired and how it can be or was, turned around.



Regal clothing is the essence of any festival, especially Durga Puja that is surrounded by grandeur grander than Grand Canyon.

Greenply Plywood

While nodding along with the beat of the drums and singing prayers whilst enjoying the presence of a goddess, we shouldn't forget about the people with physical disabilities, who wish to be a part of the celebration but can't.



The Pujo Collection is woven with the threads of Bengali culture and the attributes that set it apart, apt for the revelry.


What's a better gift for the family than the gift of a classic ensemble?

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Fashion and love go hand-in-hand, both make you feel fabulous.

Asian Paints

Dance to the rhythm of worship and move to the beat of righteousness.

The Times Of India

Reminding about the bad times of India, the campaign depicts the sad reality about the country which celebrates a woman and denies the right of celebration to another, because of taboos. Transgenders are still looked down upon, is Section 377 really scrapped?

Nerolac Paints

A unique initiative to say the least.


Utkarsh India

Home is where the heart is.

Hershey's India

Add a Hershey's touch to the traditional festive offerings.


Money is not a limit, it’s an illusion broken by faith, this ad depicts thereof flawlessly.

Tata Tea

The goddess with many hands and the woman with two hands are one and the same. Both should be paid homage, not just one.

The Wadhwa Group

It's that time of the year again, celebrate Durga, even the one at your home.

Fortune Foods

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