Testing: Instagram Tap Through Stories instead of scrolling


In a bid to save a little bit of users’ time, Instagram is testing Instagram Tap Through Stories that will enable users to not scroll through posts but tap them once and see the entire post.

The popular photo-sharing app is believed to experiment with the ‘Tap to Advance’ feature or the Instagram Tap Through Stories in the explore section, first where the auto-advance post is already updated and posts appear in a consecutive manner once you click on one of them, mostly related. After the feature is made available, just like stories an user has to only tap on the current post to see the next friend’s post instead of scores of scrolls. 

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Twitter user Suprateek Bose stumbled upon this testing and took a screenshot and tweeted about the same. Digital media expert Matt Navarra took notice and tweeted that Instagram has confirmed to him this is a test for content in the Explore tab only right now. And no current plans to test in main feed at the moment.

Now, can you relate this to Snapchat’s snaps auto advance working? Let’s see what’s next for both the apps.