Twittter rolls out annotations for tweets in Moments

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter feature annotations tweets Moments stories

Twitter has rolled out a new feature showing annotations in the tweets in Moments, providing context to confirm authenticity of the curated stories shown.

The new feature was spotted recently and later confirmed by Twitter product team members. Twitter annotations may have been rolled out in the wake of misinformation and fake news surfacing on all platforms of social media.

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The annotations are tweaked under the tweet and provide a brief description of the story depicted in it. These annotations might also solve the problem of limited characters in a tweet, as the description might back-up the context in which it has been posted.

Twitter has been making efforts to rectify all issues relating to the social spectrum, like banning dehumanizing posts and bursting filter bubbles. Efforts to keep the platform ethically right shows a different side of social media following the aftermath of Facebook using phone numbers acquired from 2FA for targeted advertising and their security breach. Twitter, too had shared private conversations with developers due to a bug although their recent efforts show that they are back on the track after the short detour.

This feature would also avoid misunderstandings, and mistaking a fake story for a real one & vice-versa.

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