Brands break social stigma surrounding mental health on #WorldMentalHealthDay

World Mental Health Day campaigns

Social Samosa glimpses through a cluster of World Mental Health Day campaigns to smack the social stigma affecting the sufferers.

World Mental Health Day is initiated for global mental health education and spreading awareness to motivate the affected people to speak up about it and make people understand the importance of mental health. This is exactly what these brands are doing through World Mental Health Day campaigns.

Brands like Star TV Network, UNICEF & Idea have created campaigns to strike the right chord and spark a thought actuating to eliminate the shame surrounding mental health issues and fall in this year’s theme, young people and mental health in the changing world.

Deepika Padukone’s The Live Love Laugh Foundation created a hard-hitting campaign featuring real people, including Padukone herself share their stories of depression and how they got out of it.

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Star TV Network


TLLL Foundation

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Radio City

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