Twitter updates Search Tab with new categories

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter Search Tab Update

Twitter Search Tab Update - Twitter rolled out a new update for the Search Tab, categorizing it with sub-sections such as News, Sports, Fun, and more.

The sub-sections also for Twitter search tab update includes ‘For You’, which is kind of similar to Tailored Trends, a selection put together considering topics most searched by a user based on algorithms. It may also be based on the accounts followed by the user or topics most engaged with.

Each sub-section displays a featured story besides the popular tweets and relevant stories.

Twitter Search Tab could only be scrolled vertically until now. Now, you could also scroll horizontally through these categories.

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Twitter has been making constant efforts to make their platform as relevant as possible. They were testing to show the best tweets on the timeline. The platform has been contemplating the thought to either show the best or the latest tweets.

Jack Dorsey, also acknowledged Twitter’s problem of filter bubbles recently, his solution was finding a way for users to follow topics and not accounts. Twitter’s new move of updating Search Tab, may have been a influenced by their two previous moves.

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