Workplace by Facebook's domain to be changed following Facebook's breaches

Paawan Sunam
Nov 01, 2018 07:55 IST
Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook’s domain’s being changed to for reassuring customers following the many security breaches.

Workplace by Facebook is a collaborative platform run by Facebook Inc., which is a work version of the social network. It is used by companies so that their employees converse with Facebook’s features but in a corporate way. The platform was incepted in 2016.

Facebook’s recent security issues like the breach of 50 million accounts and them using phone numbers obtained via 2FA for targeted advertising and shadow contact information, had got the companies thinking, whether Workplace should be trusted with their corporate information.

Corporate data may be more confidential and probably more valuable, and if a bug in Facebook finds a way to share that information with developers, third-party apps, or hackers it may prove fatal for the individual and the company they represent.

Besides them, many other clients have shown concerns about Workplace being hosted on the same domain as the consumer site. The resolution for this issue may be concluded in the wake of these matters.

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Hereafter, Workplace would completely be a B2B site and Facebook would remain the same B2C platform that it was, hosted on different domains. The plan of starting off with a new domain would commence with new customers first and then migrate the existing customers over.

The platform competes with Slack and other corporate social networks but would also compete with Google+ as they’re transforming itself to a corporate platform.

The change of domain might rebuild faith in few of Workplace’s clients but the fact that their parent company is still Facebook, shouldn’t be forgotten.

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