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Agency Feature Mo Mantra

Who are we?

We are the flame from a rocket, we are even the fuel of a jet and we are also the modern-day advertising homo sapiens.

We head to the trail that meets technology – the modern approach to advertising, with integration of our creative inputs. Our intent is not just to create the best of campaigns but also touch human emotions through them.

What’s in the name?

Every phase of evolution is on the epitome of its modernity in its own time. What’s ancient is what hasn’t evolved. In the ever-changing industry of advertising, that evolves faster than the speed of light, even the present day can turn into history with a blink of an eye. We as an agency are strong believers of this fact and also acknowledge it. We think a step-ahead and it’s our secret to being ready for the next evolution into modernism.... Hence, we’re Mo Mantra.

Mo Mantra

What do we do?

We give solutions to brands’ most complex challenges. We help brands grow by providing them services into design and digital marketing space. We cater to vivid array of clientele with solutions that not only solve marketing problems, but we also perpetually look at effective ways to make the brand more recognized, appreciated and accepted by their existing customers and potential customers as well. The underline of any kind of marketing is innovation, so for the upcoming lingerie brand Candour London, we focused on the experience, design & usability, over and above the industry basic communication i.e. comfort.

Why we do it?

Advertising is a dynamic world; the evolution of this industry is supremely dependent on the ever-changing trends. Due to this, there is a lag in how this industry approaches the forthcoming challenges. Making this one of the major concern of clients. Hence, we set out with a single goal – to ensure that every client is heard and understood during the transition of trends and practices, and give them solutions that are not only driven creatively but also brings out effectiveness. We ardently focus on creating better for the brands with each piece of creative and build the trust in our clients that we can be their most trusted “extended marketing arm”.

How we evolve?

The change shouldn’t be the only constant, adapting ourselves to the changing trends must be too. We are done with ranting that digital is the future – it’s the present now and changing dynamics every other day. And the best way be to keep up with this constant change, is to catch up the pace and have new ways of creating the best for the brands.

Social responsibility in social media

In the digital world where nothing remains in shadow, brands still don’t realize that a single tweet or a comment can drop their sales drastically. Brands still try and lie to consumers and play smart, which counterfires almost 100% of the time. At Mo Mantra, we practice and urge our clients to indulge in honest communication even if it’s in pessimistic sentiment or incident.

Need of the hour

It’s essential that creativity wins over chaos in advertising. With social media bringing opportunity that allows us to measure ROI with more accuracy than ever, it also has its own adversary. Advertising industry must acknowledge that there is a system in place that encapsulates the brand work to bring about balance and make the content more effective. However, they often lookout for escapes which affects brands’ reputation.

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We learned the hard way

We believe that it gets easier eventually, but the hard part is to do it every day. And we took on the hard part up-front. Ankit Nalotia– Founder: Mo Mantra says “It’s vital that campaigns not only spring out the creative expression through them, but they should also bring out effectiveness. With digital platform eliminating the obstacle of reaching every corner of the globe, now it’s important that we scrutinize every piece of communication and ensure that it is understood by the masses”.

Did we just share that?

Our washrooms are named ‘Thinking Rooms’. We all know the best place to be by yourself - or the second-best place after the mountains, is washrooms. And here’s one of the story from our ‘Thinking Rooms’: A day before the “World day against Child Labour”, the team got entangled in an argument. A while later with a sound of flush, our copywriter walked out with a social campaign idea which went on to get featured in one of the leading advertising journals.

They work with us

The versatility and finesse of Mo Mantra, in turn, finds its' testimonials from brands like Dell India, Candour London, Neem Holidays, Sunteck Realty, Paradigm Realty, Alembic Pharma, Abbott India, et al.

Industry as we foresee

Digital is now the present, and the most ideal platform for advertising. Having said that, advertising has become more content centric. Consumers enjoy realism in what they consume. We are moving from fad content to content that is from the slice of life and real. It’s the medium where we can reach in person and create content that interests every individual. For Dell Arambh, the digital education initiative, Mo Mantra brought the impact through the true stories of real people without winking once at the easy way out by scripting and hiring actors. The campaign not only resulted in achieving almost double its’ set targets but also set a recall value for Mo Mantra.

A day without internet

If it comes to this, we’d probably hear someone loudly announcing it to the office with laughter lines and exuberance. But then we’d get bored within a few hours of doing nothing and then start thinking about how we can talk about this and make it viral/trending the next day on social media. Yeah, this is what will happen to us.

Lastly, are you hiring?

If you share the same passion as ours, just drop by your CV at We look forward to meeting like-minded talents.

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