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Zazz Media

Who are we?

Zazz Media is a boutique digital agency, specialising in social media management and promotions, amongst other digital services.

As a boutique digital agency, we provide certain advantages over others that makes us more preferable, such as Niche Specialisation; Faster Production and Execution Time; creating a Personal Touch; maintaining Control and Flexibility over the campaigns; Lower Costs; and More Accountability and Resources than a Solo Marketer.

What's in the name?

In a world of Xs and Ys, we bring the Zazz to the table! The word, Zazz means a quantifiable amount of something special. The more the Zazz, the more likely it is to be unique and awesome.

We add an element of uniqueness and awesomeness to our services, thus the name Zazz Media.

What we do?

For our clients, we are an all-in-one agency; offering all the services they require.

Our expertise lies in delivering high-quality digital services that meet client requirements and surpass customer expectations. We offer a full spectrum of services, namely:

- Social Media Management and Promotions

- Strategic Media Planning and Execution

- Establishment of their Base on the Internet, when it comes to the client's Website Development/ SEO/ SEM/ and other necessary platforms.

Why we do it?

Zazz Media was established in 2016 with a sole purpose to assist, both, local and consumer brands as well as startups to focus on digital marketing, leveraging social media platforms to build a niche market for the brand. It is our constant endeavour to persuade up and coming, as well as established brands to maintain their social media presence.

How we evolve?

The key to surviving a fast-paced market and ever-changing trends is Experimentation. It is imperative that we acquire our client's trust to give us the autonomy in helping the brand evolve with the changing environment.

Social responsibility in social media

The key to being socially responsible in social media is Personalization. We treat each client and their brand with utmost personal attention, ensuring that every project, every campaign idea and every content emanates from the question, 'how would we do it if this was ours'. Our sole focus is to keep the brand's perception in the end consumers' eye elevated.

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Need of the hour

In this ever-growing market, the need of the hour is "Creating Value, not Content". With every brand striving to have a huge social media presence, and engagements up for sale, brands are diverging from the most important aspect: Value to the end consumer. Brands must remember the golden rule of digital marketing: "Don't oversell it/ Don't glorify it."

We learned the hard way

Having survived the digital media market for three years now, we have a fair understanding of our client's needs and the "tone" of their brand. It is essential for every agency to understand that each brand is unique, comprehend the client's requirements, set the tone and maintain it across all platforms.

They work with us

Zazz media has had the privilege of being associated with a plethora of brands, from across Pune and India. Our portfolio includes local magazine Real Properties Magazine to events for Taal Inc. Pvt. Ltd. and the Edmonk Festival by Xccetra Ltd. We also cater to restaurants across Pune, namely Baked and Wired Pizzeria and Where Else Diner. From Pune's top jewellers to Karnataka's leading clothing store, Zazz Media has catered to one and all.

Industry as we foresee

The social media market is headed towards over-saturation and content overload. With an increasing trend of creating an online presence and brands leaning towards online, rather than offline marketing the platforms are led towards over-saturation. The right move is to play it smart and jump on the opportunities right now; start creating your online customer communities.

A day without Internet

As refreshing as that sounds, we are only going deeper into the Internet era and getting more involved in it. It's quite difficult to imagine a scenario when you're not using the Internet for a whole 24 hours.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We have recently changed our company outlook and would be doing a lot of new hirings from February onwards. If you're interested, do mail us your portfolio at and we shall get back to you. Thank you!

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